The person I am today reflects my experiences in the places I have traveled and the people I have met along the way. I was a traveler long before I was a painter. Discovering the world has been a lifelong personal journey of self-discovery. Recording what I see has given me an increased empathy and connection to the world. When I first started painting, I painted dark, mostly in black and white, and based mainly on difficult and challenging personal experiences. At a certain point, I realized I could no longer paint in black and white, I needed color. It was as if I had worked through the obstacles, and could now experience the joys of life on my own terms, to do more of what I like. My passion is painting places I am travelling to, people that I meet and stories that I hear. Painting helps me search deeply and intensely for expression and connection with my subject even in the darkest of circumstances. Looking into the eyes of others has served as my own reflection and helped me realize that we all share one world with similar dreams and aspirations. Interacting with strangers is one of the greatest gifts travel has given me. Traveling and welcoming the unknown has changed my life for the better.

I was born on February 10, 1986 in Rupea, near Brasov, Romania. I grew up in a wonderful family, both me and my younger sister being brought up with a culture of beauty and simplicity, characteristic of traditional life in the countryside. Growing up at the confluence of Romanian, German and Hungarian crafts and folklore was definitely the foundation of my love and natural inclination to arts. I first started painting when I was 10 years old, thanks to Virgil Barsan, an old painter who used to spend the summers in my childhood village and who took the time to paint with me every afternoon in his garden. I went on to study Mathematics and Informatics, Political Science and History but I always knew that following the academic path was not what I wanted to do. Through it all, I remained hopelessly in love with colors, shapes and expressing what is happening inside myself in creative and mysterious ways. In 2012, I started participating in different types of art courses around the world: Brugge in 2012 and Kortrijk (Belgium) in 2013. I have recently completed courses at Parsons School of Design, Oxford University, and the Interior Design Institute of San Francisco, and am currently taking courses at The Art Student League of New York. My first exhibition took place in Brasov at art gallery Ora0, which continues to represent my art. My daughter Ana is now two year old, and I as soon as I can, I intend to initiate her into the amazing world of painting as well.